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Hello!  I'm Linda and I LOVE Lavender! Actually, I love all essential oils because of what they do for my health and wellness.  I'm so glad you found me!  I can't wait to tell you more!  


Actually, Essential Oils has launched me on a wellness journey that includes not only natural wellness solutions, but preventative steps to avoid sickness and disease altogether.  I am passionate about eliminating harmful toxins in my daily life and relying on the basics for everyday health - good food, movement, and pure ingredients.

This website began as a way to share Essential Oils with others, but I've decided that whole wellness is what I'm all about.  As a Brand Partner of Young Living, I will still publish loads of info about company promos, sales, and the efficacy of these amazing oils, but the website will develop into much more!

You can use the buttons at the top to find information on every topic. Be sure to click the "More" button to see even more!   (I have also included a menu below.)  On Tuesday evenings at 8pm EST, I host a weekly wellness chat on Zoom where we talk about a variety of health & life topics.  I invite you to join us!  The Zoom page has more information or joining in.

There are so many different ways to support our health and do the most we can to defend against disease and illness, and I hope I can help you on your journey to feeling more energetic, fit, well, and happy.  Please consider subscribing so that you know when new content is uploaded!  

I welcome conversation about the many ways we can improve our mind, body, and soul and be the best we can be.  Thanks for joining me!

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