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Essential Oils

Essential Oils came into my life in October 2015.  I had never heard of them, but I quickly learned as much as I could - and I was sold.  The more I researched, the more I decided that Young Living Essential Oils was the only company I could trust for high quality oils.

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Why do I use Young Living Essential Oils?- Toxin free living - I want to eliminate as many toxins in my home and in my body as possible.  Not sure if it’s possible to be totally toxin free, but every bit helps. When the body becomes overloaded with toxins, disease and illness can set in.  Our bodies are great at detoxing on its own, but I believe that everything synthetic or of a chemical nature has an effect on us, and eventually our bodies experience bioaccumulation - where the toxic load is greater than our body can handle.  Essential Oils are God’s gift to us to better take care of ourselves and heal naturally.

My Biz Why - I share Essential Oils as a distributor because I believe they are the most ethical supplier.  I am retired from teaching, but still want to have a small income. Young Living has done so much for many of my friends - to allow them to stay home with their kids, go on vacations, and also retire their husbands early.  I want that freedom, but most of all, I want to help others achieve the freedom of good health!


About the company - First, they have been around for 25+ years.  Gary Young established the highest regulations for obtaining oils and he doesn’t cut corners.  They are the purest oils you can buy, and the most potent.

Now that oils have become super popular, every Tom, Dick, and Harry company thinks they can sell EOs.  Young Living oils are Grade A - meaning they are collected from the first pressing of the oils. Other companies produce and sell Grades B, C, & D - and can sell them much cheaper because of their compromised collection methods.


Distillation of oils may occur with plants being pressed several times.  Compare that to getting the third of fourth cup of coffee from a K-cup.  Not very potent, right?

Other companies dilute their oils with carriers.  Yes, you’re getting pure oil, but you’re also getting “filler.”  One sure way to know you’re getting a diluted oil is if it feels oily.  Essential oils don’t contain fatty acids, so they are not greasy.

Finally, another way companies stretch the oils are to use a chemical solvent to extract more oil.  But of course, you’re getting the chemicals in your oils as well.


Young Living further guarantees the purity of the oils by doing three rounds of testing on each batch of oil.  Two are done in-house, but a third round of testing is done by a third, impartial party.


SO, now you know my why and why I choose Young Living - let’s get into what they can do for you!


EOs can be used topically, aromatically, and internally.  YL is one of the only companies that make specific oils for ingestion.  These oils are part of the Vitality line and can be used for internal use (like Digize in a capsule, citrus oils in water, Thieves in tea, or any of the herb oils in cooking.)


Oils used topically can get into your bloodstream within 20 seconds, and circulate through the bloodstream within 30 minutes.  Aromatically, however, is the fastest ways to get them into your system. You can put oils in a diffuser, or put a drop in your hands, rub together, and inhale.  

What can they do for you?  Just about everything!  

Oils have a distinct aroma that goes right to the olfactory gland, which is responsible for monitoring our moods.  The oils can penetrate the blood brain barrier, unlike synthetic materials, so they go to work fast!  They can enhance your mood, support just about every system in the body, and help to protet your good health!  

This fabulous booklet can answer a lot of your questions!

This is just the tip of the iceberg -- there are SO many ways to make Young Living Essential Oils a part of your everyday life in keeping your family healthy and safe from toxins!  If you would like to know more, please contact me!  I LOVE sharing about Young Living Essential Oils!

For more info check out the Young Living Opportunities Booklet online!


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