Do you LOVE


Essential oils?

One of the best things about Young Living is that they are very generous with their compensation plan.  You can get a "thank you" check, just for signing someone up using your member number.

And that's it.  


If you love sharing and want to go even further, the earning potential is limitless!

The best part of being a Young Living distributor is your start up costs.  If you've already made a purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, you have all you need to become a distributor!  Yup!  Press the easy button!  

How many businesses do you know that have a start-up cost of under $200?  That's right, you don't have to keep any inventory.  You only enroll others to share your love of the oils!

How do you get started?

Share your love of oils with others!  Yup.  It's as easy as that.  When you share how your oils work for you and how you use them, others will want them, too!  Give them your member number to enroll or share your personal link with them!  (See the video below for how to create your own personal link!)

Check out more about Sharing Incentives!

Silver Bound

PSK wDesert.png

What next?

Nothing.  You don't have to do anything else to be a business member.  The one stipulation is Young Living places on their business people is that in order to receive that 'thank you' check, you must purchase 50PV of products the same month that you "sell" a kit.  If not, you won't receive a check.  But, if you're already loving your oils, that part should be easy!  

Get your oils for FREE!

Free?  What?  Oh, yeah!  Sign up for Essential Rewards so that you always have a 50PV order coming each month.  This will also earn you bonus points which you can use to purchase future Quick Orders.  Then, just sign up one new person each month, and your own order is covered!  Want to buy more?  Sign up two people that month!  And if you keep on doing that, you may be ready for the next step!

Next Steps:

So, residual is where it's at!  The big money, that is!  In order to earn commission on future sales of those you sign up, you will need to purchase 100PV per month.  At that point, you will receive a commission for anything your "people" purchase down the line.  AND, if your first line of customers share their oils and sign up someone new, you will also receive a commission on those products.  In fact, you can receive residual income for five levels down, when your business grows to that point!  


As a member of my downline, I will help you to learn the business and help you out by putting new members under your account from time to time.  This will help us both to grow!

The most important thing to remember is, don't sell.  Just share.  Post on social media from time to time to let others see how your life has been impacted by essential oils.  Your friends will want what you have.  They will be curious.  You can take it from there! Check out this slide show for more tips!

Please contact me if you want to learn more about these opportunities!


Check out the Young Living Essential Oils Income Disclosure statement for 2019.  You can see the amazing potential this company offers!  

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