Hello Friends! I am once again trying to meet my goals for this quarter, and I need your help! (But when I ask for help, I'm very generous with the thank yous!)

This is for CURRENT MEMBERS who are not already on Essential Rewards.

(It is also for any of you who join Young Living this month and sign up for ER as a NEW member!)

What is ER?

Essential Rewards is our monthly wellness box that you design. You choose what you want, how much, and when it gets processed. You can change your order every month so that you get just what you need.

How much do I have to spend?

Your monthly ER order must be a minimum of 50PV, but you can spend as much as you like. (And when you reach certain PV levels, you earn free products!)

What do I get?

First, you get to choose which items you want and need - or something new to try. Then, you get ER points for the items you buy, based on your total PV and how long you've been in the program.


Months 1-3 - You receive 10% in points

Months 4-24 - You receive 20% in points

Months 25+ - You receive 25% in points

You also get reduced price shipping for orders under 100PV.

All orders 100PV or more get free economy shipping.

Loyalty Gifts! You also get a thank you gift from Young Living after month 3, 6, 9, & 12, and every year after. Usually it is an oil - and the "Loyalty" EO that you can't buy!

What are points good for?

Points are equivalent to dollars and you can use your points on a "SHOP" order to get free products. Most regular products are available to be purchased with your points, except a few outliers and any new products. (After a new product has been out for six months, then you can purchase it with points.)


What else?

Well, my "promo" for the month of September is as follows:

  • Enroll in Essential Rewards and place your first order. I will send you a free oil!

  • Place a second order in October, and you'll receive another free oil.

  • Third order in November - yes, another free oil,

  • AND a special gift from me! A car diffuser!


The car diffuser is great for taking your oils on long car trips - or for just waking up during your morning commute!

All that, plus you'll be experiencing more of Young Living's healthy lifestyle with non-toxic products, oils, cleaners, etc.!

<<OH, and all of my December ER members (new and seasoned) will be celebrated with a free gift from me for the holidays!>>

Not sure how to get started? Watch this video - or give me a call! I'd be happy to sign you up or talk you through the process!

(Note, the website has changed slightly since this video was made, but the process is very similar.)

This offer expires on September 30, so do it now before you forget!