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Dear Friends,

As I have hinted in the past few weeks, I am moving my online presence to a website and blog and moving away from Facebook - at least a bit. The pressure (that I put on myself, I admit) to have daily posts and critical content is more than I need at this point. Pair that with the fact that I really don’t know how helpful any of these posts are to any of you. Yes, there are a handful of you that faithfully “like” and sometimes even comment on my posts, but for the most part, people just scroll by, and I don’t know if I’m truly reaching those who are interested in the content.

Facebook comes with so many distractions - and I find that time slips by and I’m not using it to my advantage. Since I’ve been retired, I haven’t had to schedule my time, and consequently, I’m not as productive as I used to be. My plan is to be more mindful of my time and effort, to free up more time in my day to actually talk to people and to help those I can.

So, I’ll be posting a lot less on Linda Loves Lavender, and eventually there will be nothing new. Instead, I hope you will follow my website and blog at There is basic information about essential oils there now, but I hope to expand and create a slew of resources to help you in your journey. (Let me know what you’d like to see there! There are so many more possibilities via a website!)

I am also passionate about continuing “Zaturday Zoom,” my weekly chat on Saturday mornings at 11am EST. These chats are dedicated to healthy living via natural means, but we examine many different themes, not just oils. In fact, it is mainly a wellness chat and I welcome your participation, whenever you can make it!

For those who love the Facebook platform, I would strongly encourage you to join The Hub, a group run by my up-line team and on which I participate with oily content. That’s another reason for the switch. If I’m already posting in The Hub, where many of you are members, it seems redundant to keep up with Linda Loves Lavender (FB). If you are not yet a member of The Hub, please see the keyword below if you’d like an invite. (Members here must be current members of Young Living on my team.)

How else can you be sure to get all the oily news and tips you want? I will be using my texting program to reach out to those who specifically ask for programming. I can text you updates, tips, sales, the daily diffuser recipes, and continue with ER reminders, too. Below you will find the keyword to text me if you want to subscribe to a particular text program.


Text me at my biz number - 585.337.2555.

KEYWORD:         FOR:                                                                                                           

Hub                    Send me an invite via Facebook to join The Hub

Tips                   Weekly touchpoint about essential oils.

Promos             Notification of monthly promos

Diffuser            Daily diffuser recipes & the monthly calendar

Ops                    Notification about Young Living sales 

ZoomRem        Weekly reminder to tune into our Zoom Chat about healthy living

Zoom                Typing just "zoom" will get you the log-on info

**Be sure to ONLY text the single keyword in order to be registered for that program. You must text each word separately if you want more than one program. (And yes, you’re welcome to opt in to as many of these as you like!)

Oh, and those of you who are on ER will still get a monthly reminder to update your order. (If you’re not currently getting these reminders, send a text with the keyword REMIND.)

The Linda Loves Lavender group will remain on Facebook and there will occasionally be posts, but primarily it will serve as a resource. You can always use the search function to find recipes or the past weekly posts: Sunday Share, Monday Motivation, Tips, Word of the Day, What’s Next?, Don’t Take Away My…, Friday Fun, Saturday Switch, Biz, and more! I will also be grouping some series into the “GUIDES”feature, which you can access from strip of selections at the to of the group page.

Search photo albums for past recipe collections, too!

Now, for the New!

Please visit to see the latest post. 

  • Hit the subscribe button at the bottom of any page to receive notification of new content.

  • Like the posts your read to let me know I’m not talking to myself!

  • Comment on a post and let me know your thoughts! (Even better!)

  • Save the site in your favorites so you remember to visit often! 


Linda Loves Lavender will continue as it always has throughout March, and then it will trickle down to a dead stop later in April. 


Let me know what features you want to see on the new blog & website! It’s hard to guess, so if you let me know, I can make sure the visit is worth your time!

Thanks for supporting me these past five years! I hope I can continue support you even more effectively with these changes.

Love & Hugs & Many Blessings to you All,


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