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Healthy Living Resources

I've been striving to live a healthier life for a long time now.  
So far, I've made these changes in my life ...

  • Detoxing my home by using only safe, natural cleaning products.

  • Detoxing my body by eliminating medications and using essential oils to manage issues in comfort, sleep, health, and energy.

  • Improving the quality of the nutrients I give my body by adopting a "predominantly" whole food, plant based lifestyle.  (Flexitarian)

  • Exercising for a minimum of 15 minutes a day - and striving for 30+ minutes 4-5 times a week.

Where has that gotten me?  I believe I am healthier than I have been in a long time - and I'm improving every day.  I am losing weight and getting my blood sugar level in check.  I have a great immune system (thanks Thieves!) and I just don't get sick.  


None of this happened overnight, and none of it was by chance.  I've done the research, and I truly believe that we can all take control of our health by what we choose to put in and on our bodies, what we choose to drink, how we breathe, and how regularly we move our bodies and exercise our heart.  

Having a positive, growth mindset helps as well!  I believe in God.  I believe that the primary spiritual message for a healthy life is Love.  Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as you would yourself." I take that to heart and try to spread love and kindness every day.

One message I try to share is how to take better care of yourself.  Stop the "woe is me" mentality and make some positive changes in your life.  It's all in your power.

Here are some resources to help you get started.  (Check back often, as I will be adding and updating as time goes by!)

Whole Foods Plant Based Eating
Best Plant Based Proteins
Plant Based Protects Against Heart Disease - at any age!

Blue Zones

Forks Over Knives
Best Plant Based Videos
Rip Esseltyn

Dr. Anna Cabeca
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Menopause is Having a Moment

Dr. Jen Gunter - Menopause TED 

Balancing Hormones Naturally - Podcast

Essential Oils
Essential Oil Health Benefits
Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils & Cancer
Oil Testimonials
Can you trust Young Living?
Essential Oils - Healthline

Essential Oils - Cleveland Clinic

What Gets In Our Way?
Fragrances & Scents
Pesticides - Dirty Dozen
Pesticides - Clean 15
Toxic Exposure
Toxic Chemicals & Pregnancy
Environmental Working Group

Healthy Living Gurus
Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Eric Z - Natural Living Family
Kris Carr
Chris Beat Cancer

Facebook Groups
The Science of Health
Whole Food Plant Based Diet for Beginners
Shedding Light on Essential Oils
Linda Loves Lavender
Living Well and Wise
Oily Education By LLL


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I'll eat fast food, drink neon colored energy drinks, and take all my prescriptions, but I
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