Ch-ch-ch Change!

Starting on May 1, big changes are coming to Young Living!  Here is a breakdown of some of the most important changes that may apply to you!


If you purchase YL products, you'll be a "customer." Duh! (But in the past, everyone was called a distributor, whether or not they ever participated in the biz!)

STS = Subscribe to Save (also S2S)

Young Living will allow you to set up subscriptions for the products you use the most! You'll be able to autoship monthly, or every 2 or 3 months so you'l never run out of the products you use and need!

1-ER Stays.jpg

Subscribe to Save does not have a minimum value. You can put one item on to be delivered as you see fit! You can have multiple items on STS!


Essential Rewards will be called LOYALTY REWARDS and the previous "promos" will now be referred to as GIFTS! Gifts begin at 100PV with free shipping, and more gifts are earned at 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV! (And sometimes 400PV!)

This option of subscriptions is great for the person who wants to keep certain products in stock, without having to purchase 100PV to unlock the 24% wholesale prices. Just keep something on STS to keep your wholesale pricing.


So the LOYALTY REWARDS work the same as Essential Rewards (just a new name!) You earn points on your monthly scheduled orders at the same rate:

First three months - 10% back in points

Months 4-24 - 20% back in points

Month 25+ - 25% back in points!

So having a regular monthly order earns you so much more!

For those who haven't started in Young Living, you no longer have to buy a premium starter kit! (PSK) You only have to purchase 100PV of product - yup, anything you want!

PSKs are now called starter bundles and are available, but not a requirement. (Note - bundles may be priced at discount beyond the 24% prices!)


ALSO, as before, you can purchase whatever you want at RETAIL prices, but it will be so much easier to get that 24% discount, so why pay more?


Again, the term "distributor" is being discontinued, so those not actively pursuing the business will now simply be referred to as customers.

Anyone who is pursuing the business of YL will now be called Brand Partners. I like that term! Makes me feel like the company values me - which it does!

3-Biz Builders.jpg

If you don't meet these qualifications, and you want to receive commission, maybe purchase a biz tool soon! 


(Let me know if you want a list of biz tools that qualify!)

If you're not already a brand partner, you will need to purchase a business essentials kit. This kit, which is $30, includes training and materials to help you get started on your YL journey! (Plus, three free months of a YL business website!)

4-new brand partners.jpg

While the $25 bonus for selling a PSK (starter bundle), but that's because a starter bundle is no longer required for membership! When you sign up a new customer, you get 25% commission on their orders for the first three months. Woo Hoo!

Hopefully, this explains the big changes coming!  As always, I'm here to support you and answer questions!  Reach out to me! Linda