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Avocado Advantage

Today's treat - a tip without waxing poetic with a ton of advice.

You like avocados? Me too! One of my favorite ways to eat them is on a sandwich with crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes. And then, there's avocado toast and guacamole! Yum! Or just thrown in with a healthy salad ...

But, if you're like me, finding a perfect avocado when you want one is hit or miss. I discovered this tip (probably on FB) and I now always have perfectly ripe avocado when I want it!

First - buy avocado in bulk and when it is ready to go! I was fortunate to find a whole bag of perfect avocados at Fresh Market last week. Usually, I would buy it, use one or two, and the rest would go bad before I could finish them all. Now, I can buy in bulk and have it ready in a moment's notice!

Cut your avocados in half, remove seed and scoop out the fruit. Once you have a full bowl, smash them down, like you're making guacamole.

Scoop the smashed avocado into muffin baking cups. I used a mini muffin sheet for most of it, but then tried the regular size, too. I'll probably use the smaller ones for smoothies, and the larger when I want guac.

Since I used silicone trays, I put a metal tray under each one, then covered them both with wax paper. I was able to stack one on the other to save room. Put the trays in the freezer until the avocado is solid. Then, scoop out the frozen mounds and store in a ziplock or other airtight container in your freezer.

I use about three small chunks for my smoothies. I throw them in the blender frozen, along with my banana and some frozen blueberries/strawberries. (I bag those and freeze them, too!) You can also take out the desired amount to thaw for other dishes.

This has been a game-changer for my relationship with avocado, which is full of nutritional benefits!

What's your favorite way to use avocado?

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