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Discover Young Living 

There are several ways to become a Young Living Member.
Choose the method that serves you best!
GOOD - Retail Member


Choose this membership if you only want to purchase 1-2 oils or products.  You will pay retail prices.

This is a good way to get started if you're not sure if oils are for you.  But, once you try them, you will LOVE them, so why pay more for individual oils when you can get a great bundle for less than half the retail prices?

BETTER - Wholesale Membership

To become a wholesale member, you can do so in one of two ways.

First - create your account as explained above, then put any item into "subscriptions."  You will receive 24% off pricing as long as you have something in subscriptions.

Second - create and account and purchase 100PV worth of product.  This will unlock wholesale pricing for one year.

You don't have to buy a premium starter kit any longer to join Young Living!  Isn't that great?  
BUT - It's always the most frugal way to try a variety of oils and a diffuser.  The oils and products contained in our premium starter kit total over $350 retail! 
BEST - Wholesale PLUS Loyalty Rewards!


I believe you will fall in love with your oils, so this option is the best for saving money!  It's like a Bark Box, Stitch Fix, or any other monthly program, EXCEPT, you get to customize you box in every way. 

When you become a member, it's easy to earn points good for free product!  All you have to do is use the "subscriptions" button.  Whenever you purchase product totaling 50PV or more, you earn points.  You must keep something in your subscriptions each month to keep earning and retain your points.  

You will earn 10% back for the first three months, then 20% back!  And after two full years, you will be earning 25% back in points!  Your Loyalty Rewards can be used any time after your first two orders have been processed.

Oh, and there are free gifts with purchase when you hit certain levels.

Check here to see the promos for this month!  


Anyone can take advantage of Loyalty Points when they use "subscriptions" to order!


You decide how much to spend (min. $50PV monthly).

You decide what you want to order.

You decide when the order gets processed. 

You decide what product and oils you want.

AND you can change any of these monthly! 

It's a great way to try a few items at a time to see what you like!


You will earn points back on every purchase!

  • Months 1-3, you earn 10% back in points.

  • Months 2-24, you earn 20% back in points.

  • Month 25+, you earn 25% back in points!

You get free shipping for 100PV orders, and you may be eligible for free gifts each month, starting at the 190PV level!  



Essential oils, supplements, Ningxia, Thieves, diffusers - most of the products that YL sells can be purchased with points.  One point = $1.  You can begin using your points after month 2.  To use the points, you must have enough for the entire product.  They don't deduct a dollar amount.

You can also cancel your subscriptions at any time, but be sure to use your points before you do, because those will go away if you fail to place a monthly order.


Young Living will send you a free oil after months 3, 6, 9, and 12.  The oil at the 12 month mark is a special blend called Loyalty that you cannot even buy!  It's reserved for Essential Rewards members only!


Every month, Young Living gives away free oils and products to their best customers.  As a Loyalty member, you will receive a freebie at the 190 mark.  That free product is exclusive to Loyalty members each month.  (There are promotions for regular orders at 190, 250, and 300PV, which means you can earn up to 4-5 free products a month if you spend 300PV.


PV means Purchase Value and that is nearly always the purchase price, but for some products (which are manufactured by a third party), the PV might be lower.  Always check the PV total when placing an order!

Joining Loyalty Rewards is a great way to try new products.  Some of my favorite products that I use daily were given to me as a free gift!  Without it, I may never have discovered them!  Give it a try - there is no commitment, so if you don't like it, you can cancel at any time!


yl-go box.jpg

Click this link to sign up!    SIGN UP NOW!

If you want me as your "oily" person, be sure to put my member number in as the Enroller & Sponsor.  (#3693859) Otherwise, you'll be randomly assigned to a rep.

You will be signing up in my organization, which just means I will be your go-to for any questions you may have!  I'm here to help you learn more about your oils and begin your journey to natural health and toxin-free living!

Have you been curious about Essential Oi
Need Help Signing up?  Call me!  
(I'll update my sign up video soon ...)
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