Silver Bound Program!

Earn incentives for sharing!


Young Living is extremely generous with their incentives to any customer who shares!  There are lots of details and specifics along the way, but here is the general compensation plan!

  1. Sign up a new member by having them put your member # as their Enroller and Sponsor.

    1. If they purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you receive $50!  That's 25% commission for the kit, and a $25 bonus.​

    2. You will also receive 25% of any purchase they make when they sign up, and for the next two months!

    3. You must have a 50PV purchase that month to receive a thank you check.

    4. It is the Enroller who receives the commission.

  2. PV stands for Purchase Value.  It is often the same as the purchase price, but not always.  You can check your PV total in the cart before checkout.

  3.  You don't have to be building a business to earn incentives!  You can share with up to 12 people in a year without claiming this income. ($600 per year.)

  4. To earn residual income - that is, commission on future purchases by your customers, you need to be enrolled in Essential Rewards and have a total of 100PV each month.

  5. Stacking:

    1. You will want to condense your customers into "legs."  When you start, you want to have two legs (two customers) and then place future customers under them to build those legs.  Those customers become your level 3.  

    2. You can build under any of your customers through Level 5, giving you ​five levels of earning potential.  You can get paid on five levels under you.

    3. Level 0 - YOU

      • Level  1 - Your personally enrolled​

        • Level 2 - ​Those you place under 1

          • Level 3 - Those you place under 2​

            • Level 4 - Those you play under 3​

              • Level 5 - Those you place under 4​

  6. Residual Income: See how it all adds up!

    1. Level 1 - 8% on your personally enrolled customers ​

    2. Level 2 - 5% 

    3. Level 3 - 4%

    4. Level 4 - 4%

    5. Level 5 - 4%

  7. RANKS:​​

    1. Distributor - that's anyone who is a customer

    2. Star - total of 500 OGV (overall group total)

    3. Senior Star - total of 1000 OGV 

    4. Executive - total of $4000 OGV, with two legs of $1000 each

    5. Silver - total of $10,000 OGV, with two legs of $4000 each

    6. Gold - total of 

    7. Platinum - total of 

    8. Diamond - total of 

    9. Crown Diamond - total of 

    10. Royal Crown Diamond - total of 

  8. Terms:​

    1. PV - Personal Volume.  On your dashboard, this is the total purchase value on your on orders for the month.  (Confusing, I know, that both terms have the same initials!)

    2. OGV - Overall Group Volume - that's the total PV your group has purchased for the month.

    3. PGV - Personal Group Volume - that is the total drop volume for anyone who is not in one of your building legs.  This includes your personal volume, along with any PV spent by anyone who is not in the specific legs you are targeting for a given rank.  (Please ask me and I'll explain further!). 

      1. PGV - Only applies when you are at the Silver rank or higher​

      2. PGV can be earned solely by you, but that's not recommended!  (That's a lot of money in one month!) LOL​

There are more details along the way, but this is the basic plan.  

Take a look here for more information!  COMPENSATION PLAN

Silver Bound!

What's so special about Silver Bound?

Well, Young Living is giving you bonuses for ranking up within a given time period!  When you rank up under these specific conditions, you get a bonus check!

Take a look at the graphic below to see how to qualify at each level!  New members - get on it!  You only have two months to get to Star!  BUT, the best part of the program is, if you miss one bonus level, you can start again with the next rank up when you DO get there.  So, if you don't get the Star bonus, but you continue to grow and hit Star eventually, then the clock resets and you now have 3 months to get to Senior Star.  You do not forfeit future incentives because you missed a promotion at a previous level.

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 12.35.43

And, there's more!

Once you reach Silver, you will work to achieve the rank of Gold.  The Bridge to Gold program will reward  

Silvers who meet all Bridge to Gold requirements with the Premier Aroma collection, retail valued at approximately $2,800 USD! 

More here!